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Becky Bond – ChangeMaker Chat

We have radical challenges like climate change and inequality but not many radical political leaders. What does it take to find and elect leaders like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez who is trail blazing a new political agenda in the United States? Becky Bond was one of the Field Directors for the Bernie Sanders campaign and she shares her experience of combining radical agendas and political parties. Listen below by clicking play, or listen via an app on Apple, PodcastOne or Stitcher…

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Late Night Live Philip Adam’s interviews our host Amanda Tattersall

The Late Night Live episode aired on Tuesday 18th March entitled “The perfect recipe for creating change.” Together they discussed Amanda’s US trip and her time spent with the students from Parkland learning how they build a social movement for Gun Violence. It jumped to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Green New Deal, Moscow and Green space campaigners, Cape Town’s reclaim the city movement and to the inception of  the Knitting Nanna’s in Lismore. More here.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can teach Bill Shorten a thing or two about climate change policy

ChangeMakers Host Amanda Tattersall just had a piece published in the Guardian about climate change, the green new deal and the politics of climate in the upcoming Australian election. It is high school students who have helped reinvigorate the climate change debate in Australia and they are preparing to march again this week. The effect they have had is similar to the reaction created by the Green New Deal in the United States in the last month. Last month newly…

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John Robertson ChangeMaker Chat

How do politicians really make change? Although most political leaders say they are powerful and can make a difference – what are the real pressures and backroom deals that make that hard? This week we hear from a senior leader of the Australia Labor Party who “spills the beans” on how some of this works. John Robertson was a Labor Party Minister and the Leader of the Opposition in NSW for 4 years, as well as being a highly successful…

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Marc Stears: ChangeMaker Chat

Can Universities be change makers? If so, what does it take to traverse the research-practitioner divide? To find out more we interviewed Marc Stears, Director of the Sydney Policy Lab. Marc is a former Professor of Oxford turned speech writer for the UK Labour Party’s Ed Miliband, and now he is in Sydney trying to build more bridges between scholarship and practice. So why does he do it? And how? Listen in here: On the Podcast One app, on iTunes,…

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How do you continue a student climate uprising?

The Strike4Climate across Australia is the beginning of a student uprising to protect our future. These kinds of social movement uprisings don’t happen very often. The last one here was in 2003 in the lead up to the War in Iraq. Back then we organised the largest rally in Australia’s history – 500 000 people. It felt amazing. But it wasn’t enough – the war happened and the social movement wasn’t strong enough to maintain the pressure for the long…

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Umbrella Movement Reflections: four years on

By Emily Lau It is almost four years after the Hong Kong Umbrella Occupation which shook the world. The 79-day occupation of the Admiralty political and commercial district ended on 11 December 2014, with the police arresting hundreds of protesters. The massive peaceful occupation captured the international news media’s imagination, because they were so used to covering violent scenes of carnage, bloodshed, rape and slaughter. Some journalists described it as the Umbrella Revolution, and it could not be further from…

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How Indivisible helped paint America blue

The midterm elections in the US have delivered the House of Representatives to the Democrats. And, across State races, there has been a decided shift left. The results aren’t perfect – the Senate remains in Republican hands. But it’s a landslide 9% nationwide swing against Trump and what he stands for. Why did this happen? You won’t hear the truth from conventional sources. The Democrat party representatives will give you the line that it was because Trump is so unpopular. The…

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What ChangeMakers can learn from Brooklyn Nine Nine

Who knew that TV could teach you how to change the world! But then again it’s not every day that a police comedy takes on police racism. Embedded in Brooklyn Nine Nine’s approach to sitcom writing are a few lessons about how we can successfully communicate important, difficult issues to a wider audience. Get the team right First step in any communication strategy is – who is doing the talking! For Brooklyn Nine Nine, it was all about who was…

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Why did it change? Why might we finally bring the refugees on Nauru and Manus here

The refugee debate has dramatically shifted in Australia – it is possible that the camps might be cleared on Nauru and Manus Island. We might actually see the concentration camps that Australia runs – closed. What has made this happen? 1. The refugee movement never gave up This is no quick, fast battle. The movement exploded in 2001 in response to the so called “Tampa Crisis.” There were big rallies, over the following ten years there was some movement inside…

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