ChangeMakers Podcast:

 A podcast telling stories about people changing the world

hosted by Dr. Amanda Tattersall

There are 140 million people engaged in social change work across the globe. These are the ChangeMakers. The ChangeMakers podcast is short series podcast that tells stories about people who are striving for social change across the world.

Investigating stories in south-west Uganda

To create each story, we travel across the globe to meet with people who have been making change. This has taken us from refugee settlements in Uganda to the streets of Moscow, from Washington DC to Lismore in regional Australia. In each episode we feature a story in the style of This American Life. A scripted narrative ties the story together, where multiple voices lay out what has happened. Hopes, fears and regrets are revealed. Story by story, lessons about what works and what doesn’t work in the world of social change are teased out.

The show is intended to inspire. In a world where it feels like it’s hard to make a difference, this podcast demonstrates just how change is possible.

ChangeMakers is also designed to help people who are involved in social change – by allowing them to learn from others. There are amazing innovations and new ideas across the planet that we don’t often hear about – this show is about making those ideas easier to engage with.

The goal is that the ChangeMakers podcast helps us all become better at making change, in a world that needs progressive change more than ever.

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