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Information about our different interviews with ChangeMakers, what we call ChangeMaker Chats. These are ad hoc interviews with a single change maker that allow us to explore what kind of change they make, why they make it and how they go about it.

Richard Fuller – Change Maker Chat

ChangeMakers Podcast · Richard Fuller – ChangeMaker Chat What happens to the communities that suffer from toxic pollution? Too often nothing. But not if they partner with Pure Earth, the world’s only global NGO working on toxics. Today we talk with it’s founder Richard Fuller – engineer turned toxics crusader who has helped lead an intervention that has cleaned up over 120 places. We find out how he got into it, and how Pure Earth works with communities to create…

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Joan Garry – Change Maker Chat

  Social service organisations like food banks, charities, and nonprofits are being squeezed at both ends by the pandemic – their resource base has collapsed while they now have much greater demand for their services. Joan Garry talks us through these challenges based on her decades of experience as an advocate, nonprofit CEO and mentor to thousands of nonprofit leaders across North America. For more of Joan – see her website – And – Listen by clicking play…

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Margaret Klein Salamon – Change Maker Chat

  What are the psychological features of the climate disaster? How does fear cause some people to step back, and others to step forward and make change. Margaret Klein Salamon is a psychoanalyst who has transitioned into a climate change warrior. Today she talks about her journey, and how we can understand emergency and fear to build a powerful movement for change. See: Join our weekly email list to hear our latest musings, podcasts and training. Click on…

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Owen Jones – Change Maker Chat

  This is the long story behind one of the United Kingdom’s most high profile left wing figures. In this Chat we learn about Owen Jones’s journey into political life, how extra-parliamentary activism shaped him, but also why the British Labour Party matters. Owen Jones is a writer and political commentator in the United Kingdom. He is a columnist for The Guardian and the author of two books, Chavs: the Demonization of the Working Class, The Establishment: And how they…

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Professor David Isaacs – Change Maker Chat

We are swirling in the midst of a pandemic surrounded by keyboard warriors claiming to know what is going on. This week we speak to one of Australia’s leading infectious disease doctors – Professor David Isaacs – to get a briefing about everything COVID-19, where it came from, what makes it a pandemic, and how to stay safe. Listen by clicking play above, or listen via an app on Apple, PodcastOne or Stitcher – or on most other podcast apps…

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Bonnie Honig – Change Maker Chat

  Bonnie Honig is one of the world’s top democratic theorists and is based at Brown University.  A scholar and commentator in the United States, Bonnie is the author of numerous books, including Public Things: Democracy in Disrepair, published in 2017. She  runs us through her approach to democracy and critical thinking, showing us how it can help us interpret and respond to the crises and shocks that we are experiencing now. Listen by clicking play above, or listen via…

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Randi Weingarten – Changemaker Chat

Randi Weingarten, President of the American Federation of Teachers gives us the lowdown on what she’s learned about changemaking after more than 25 years at the chalkface of teacher’s unionism in the United States. We explore education reform and the mobilising power of social movements and discover how the election of President Trump invited her to rethink the way she organises. Listen by clicking play above, or listen via an app on Apple, PodcastOne or Stitcher – or on most…

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Andrés Bernal Change Maker Chat

  Curious about the remarkable rise of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and policies like the Green New Deal? We talk to Andrés Bernal about both. Andrés Bernal is an Advisor to U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. His PhD research focuses on the political economy and policy design of the Green New Deal.   Andrés is a proponent of the heterodox school of economic thought known as Modern Monetary Theory. He is a Research Fellow at the Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity. See: Listen…

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Robyn Steward ChangeMaker Chat

Today’s chat is with autism advocate Robyn Steward. We learn about her journey as an autistic woman, and about the power of building understanding between neurotypical and neurodivergent people. Curious about autism – this one is for you! Listen by clicking play above, or listen via an app on Apple, PodcastOne or Stitcher – or on most other podcast apps by searching “ChangeMakers.” Or use our RSS feed.

Paul Oosting – GetUp ChangeMaker Chat

  GetUp is one of Australia’s most impactful and influential community organisations, and Paul Oosting is their national director. We discuss what GetUp learnt from the 2019 Federal Election campaign. We find out Paul’s insights about what it’s like to operate under the pressure of media and political attack. Listen by clicking play above, or listen via an app on Apple, PodcastOne or Stitcher – or on most other podcast apps by searching “ChangeMakers.” Or use our RSS feed.