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There are almost limitless interesting readings and resources on ChangeMaking. Here are a few of our favourite readings and tools that you might find useful. We are keen to promote and share interesting resources – so if you have readings you would suggest we share, send us an email to [email protected] or add ideas and suggestions in the comments section below. THINKING ABOUT ACTION Rules for Radicals – Chptr 7 – Tactics – Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals is the most…

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Organising relationally – a guide to relational meetings

Relational meetings are a staple of community organising, where the focus is on building the capacity of leaders and connections between people to build strongly networked groups of diverse people. Nothing beats undertaking a training in relational meetings to understand how they work. We have a video of a relational meeting training delivered for the ‘Organising in a Pandemic’ Series that can be viewed here (after 27 April). The slides can be viewed here. Meanwhile, there are some useful readings….

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When everything changes, can everything change?

In our second session of the Organising in a Pandemic series we looked at how we can make change arising out of the crisis created by COVID. We considered the history of economic crises, and then a series of community organising concepts that might be useful for developing issues and claims arising out of this time. Key concepts included listening, cutting the issue and multi-issue claims. The video of the session can be viewed here, and the slides here.