Organising School Content

The ChangeMakers Organising School is a little unlike a traditional training program. We don’t have a curriculum that ends. Instead we produce continual content on the topics of organising, relationships, narrative, action, power and change – mixing in new case studies, new questions and new approaches.

We have produced an extensive library of content on these different topics – anything from traditional trainings on relational meetings to novel approaches to digital organising or coalition building. All of our sessions have been recorded and we provide the slides alongside a short overview of what was covered and by whom. You can click the tabs for the relevant weeks to scroll the 25+ weeks of content, that are broken up into seasons. These are also linked below.

We encourage others to use these videos as resources in your own training or for personal development. That is why we recorded them! But we just ask that you recognise where they came from – your friends at the ChangeMakers Organising School.

Season One is HERE.

Season Two is HERE.

Season Three is HERE.

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