Emmanuel Gotora – ChangeMaker Chat – Organising and TELCO

The story behind 25 years of community organising in the UK

Broad based organising in the United Kingdom has a long history – starting with the pioneering work of “TELCO” (The East London Citizens Organisation). In this chat, Emmanuel Gotora – Lead Organiser at TELCO and Assistant Director at Citizens UK shares that story while also sharing his story of his journey into organising. This is an episode about the slow but powerful journey of leadership development, and the power that can come when communities join together to fight for their needs.

We are delighted to join Citizens UK and TELCO in celebrating 25 years of community organising in the UK (and indeed, because of Covid – we are really celebrating 27 years!). Emmanuel’s story and the story of TELCO provide a rich picture to the power of community organising. This is an important story for showing how community organising has traveled and changed, from its origins in Chicago in the 1930s in the work of Saul Alinsky – to different places, with different forms across the world.

For more on TELCO and Citizens UK – https://www.citizensuk.org/chapters/east-london/

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