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  • #13 Indivisible

    This is the origin story of the largest anti-Trump organisation in America and how it built a mass based local movement to save affordable healthcare. Click on the play button […]

  • #14 Reclaim the City

    In Cape Town, apartheid pushed black residents to the edge of the city. Reclaim the city is a movement pushing back, desegregating the city through strategic long term occupations. Click […]

  • #15 Marriage Equality

    The road to marriage equality in Australia was filled with dirty tricks and homophobia. How did the LGBTI community build a movement strong enough to overcome it all? Click the […]

  • Series 2 – coming 29 October

    Get ready to be inspired by some of the best people on the planet – Series 2 of the ChangeMakers launches on Monday 29 October 2018. We will be releasing […]

  • #9 Fighting the Hard Right – GetUp

    Have you ever clicked on an online petition and wondered whether it worked? In 2016, GetUp – a digital campaign organisation best known for its online petitions and email campaigns […]

  • #8 The Power of Vision – Fred Hollows

    What does it take to improve the lives of millions of people? The late Fred Hollows knew. He was known across the globe for his groundbreaking work in disrupting the […]

  • #7 Fighting Dirty – Standing Rock

    What would you do if someone wanted to bulldoze an oil pipeline through your country, threatening not just your land, but your water and air? And what if the nation […]

  • #6 Protesting in Putin’s Russia

    What would you do if someone wanted to illegally concrete over your local park, and build an apartment block on it? And what would you do if the authorities supported […]

  • #5 When Anger Works Part Two

    This is the second part of an exploration into how anger can be channelled into powerful actions. Part two comes from Brisbane, Australia where a simple vigil outside a hospital […]

  • #4 When Anger Works – Part One

    When a growing movement of young people places itself in harms way to stop injustice, it can be powerful and unpredictable.  Often it is fueled by the white-hot anger of […]

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