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  • Coalitions: We need to get better at working together

    Back in 2003, I was part of the movement that tried to stop the war in Iraq. In Sydney we built an enormous coalition of over 70 organisations. We met […]

  • Maurice Mitchell Change Maker Chat

    ChangeMakers Podcast · Maurice Mitchell ChangeMaker Chat The Movement for Black Lives is realigning political life in the US in 2020. Maurice Mitchell has been a leader in this movement […]

  • Craig Reucassel Change Maker Chat

    Have you been enjoying Fight for Planet A: Our Climate Challenge – the show all about climate change? Then come and hear our ChangeMaker Chat with host Craig Reucassel where […]

  • So, what is Community Organising?

    This week ChangeMakers is launching the second season of our weekly organising broadcast – ChangeMakers Organising School. We thought this would be as good a time as any to step […]

  • Hong Kongers in Crisis

    Every week the news coming out of Hong Kong is a little more alarming. It’s never quite as evocative as ‘tanks running through Tiananmen Square’. But every time, it represents […]

  • Five Strategies for People Power

    A few years ago, I decided to do some deep, sustained research that looked at the question of how we involve people in the process of making change. This week […]

  • Police and protests – is something changing?

    For the last 10 days in Portland Oregon, Federal law enforcement have been arresting protesters. After over 50 days of sustained #BlackLivesMatter protest, the Federal Attorney General called in law […]

  • Mental Health, Insight and the Corona Moment

    This week a second CoronaVirus lockdown began in Melbourne, Australia, joining many global cities still in lockdown. It sparked greater focus on the mental health crises that are rising alongside […]

  • We need to talk about the Tech

    Intense pressure can cause radical transformation, like how coal can turn into a diamond. But it can also cause things to crack and break. Welcome to technology in 2020. Last […]

  • #29 Bushfires Part 2 – Renegade Aid in Batemans Bay

    ChangeMakers Podcast · #29 Bushfires Part 2 – Renegade Aid in Batemans Bay   In all of Australia, Batemans Bay and the South Coast was one of the worst affected. […]

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