Love and Power – ChangeMaker Chat – Ending Violence against Women

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While we know that too many women live with the ever-present threat of violence our societies seem to struggle with what to do about it. While we have refuges services, and at times the issue is raised in national debate, we seem unable to address the problem at its core.

In the UK, Love and Power is a new organisation that is seeking to end vioelcne aganst women by putting women who have expeirenced domestic violence at the centre of the debate. Love and Power combines the insight and knowledge that comes from lived experience with the strategies of community organising to bring a new approach to an old problem.

In this ChangeMaker Chat we talk with Charlotte Fischer and Martha Jephcott the founders of Love and Power. Marthe grew up in a violent household and brings her own experience of the limits of service provision to the movement, she combines this with Charlotte’s experience as a community organiser to create a new kind of women’s movement that seeks to show the public dimensions of women’s expeirences as a way to find political solutions to the probelm of violence.

You can find out more about love and power here – You can follow them on socials – @loveandpowerorg for both X and instagram.

ChangeMakers 2024 is supported by the Civic Power Fund and work with the UCL Policy Lab. This year they are supporting ChangeMakers to bring together a collection of Chats filled with extraordinary ideas and everyday experience to understand how we can change the world, and

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