Changemakers Organising School – Season 3 Leadership Intensive

Changemakers Organising School – Season 3 Leadership Intensive

This opportunity is now closed – the Intensive commenced on October 16. If you’d like to be informed about these opportunities in the future please let us know at [email protected]

This season, ChangeMakers Organising School is offering an optional, additional, free Leadership Intensive to run alongside our regular sessions. (For more info on our training program, look here!)

We run the Organising School because we care about developing leadership, organising capacity, and skills across social movements. We’re excited to be trialing this Leadership Intensive to help our participants connect more deeply, have space to apply the skills they’re learning, and reflect on, and improve, their own capacity to act as Organisers.

The program will run concurrently to Season 3 of Organising School, in the 8 weeks from October 15 – December 3. The Leadership Intensive sessions will run on Fridays from 12:30pm AEDT.

This is a short term commitment designed to complement and build on the weekly Thursday sessions. One way to think of this program is “Level 2” of our weekly trainings, but the focus will be on deepening understanding rather than on heaps of extra content – this is not a whole extra curriculum, but space for you to make the most of the existing resources and networks.

We’re looking for participants who:
-Are involved in a current campaign or social change group/organisation (or planning to be taking action in an organised way during this time)
-Are able to commit to 8 weeks of attending Thursday sessions of Organising School and an extra 90 minutes per week in this program
-Our focus is on volunteers, members and delegates but we are open to staff organisers participating

If you’re looking for space to reflect on your practice, deliberately apply new skills, build cross movement relationships, develop your own leadership, get peer coaching and ultimately to become a better organiser or campaigner – this is for you!

We’re looking to build a participatory, collective cohort of change makers, who are interested in being involved in trialing something exciting and new! Since the beginning of the Organising School we’ve wanted to run a program like this, and this is our first take on making it work. We will be encouraging your feedback, pushback, and innovation to strengthen the program and shape what we offer in 2021.