Ed Miliband – ChangeMaker Chat

When can political parties be real change makers and produce big change? Ed Miliband, former Opposition Leader for the UK Labour Party shares some of the lesser known stories that have shaped his political identity and his ambitions for a politics that can go big. We discuss the role of labour and social democratic parties in the change making space. We reconsider the idea that ‘politics is the art of the possible’ and Ed shares some of his insight into the kind of politics that is needed for these challenging times.

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We have some follow up resources for this episode:

In the episode Ed makes reference to Arnie Graf . For a ChangeMaker Chat with Arnie go to here – https://changemakerspodcast.org/arnie-graf-community-organiser-changemaker-chats/

Ed also mentions Citizens UK. For a podcast with Jonathan Cox Citizen UK’s co-director go to – https://changemakerspodcast.org/jonathan-cox-scale-and-organising-changemaker-chat/

Ed mentioned BREXIT, for a ChangeMaker story about how the campaign worked go to – https://changemakerspodcast.org/episode-2-win/
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