Register now: How small groups make big change

Change is achieved when we work together. Doing that work in small volunteer groups across Australia are the change makers that provide the backbone of many progressive movements.

Social change groups do a lot with a little – this training is designed to help you make the most of your groups skills, resources, and relationships by using frameworks and case studies from successful change makers.

Are you a member of a local action group? Or do you work in a group or team of people making change in a different way? Maybe you are an organiser supporting others to work in local groups. Join this training – either for the whole season, or for individual sessions that appeal to you – and supercharge your skills, relationships, and the impact of your group to make change on the issues that matter to you.

The training is free and runs weekly on a Thursday evening at 6pm AEST, from April 29 – June 24. Read more about the content planned for this season here or register now!

We’re community organisers, and while we love all kinds of change making, our focus is on building relationships and people power. We value leadership development and, through the training, we seek to explore and understand concepts like power, action, organisations, narrative, relationships and action as the bedrock for building a democratic public life.

We aim to run a diverse training space that is inclusive, participant focused. Every session includes 2 break out windows for participants to reflect on and apply the content, and to connect with changemakers from across different social movements. You can read more about our approach here.

This training will be more effective if you attend with at least one other member of your group. Make sure to share this registration around so you can work together to make the most of the content!

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