Nick Kimber – ChangeMaker Chat – Relationship-based bureacrat

Making places based on relationships

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What would it mean if we had local authorities and councils that saw their mission as building relationships with the communities they serve? This week we talk with Nick Kimber, the Director of Strategy and Design at the London Borough of Camden. He has helped create a council that builds relationships with the community it serves in everything that it does, from child protection to garbage collection.

He shares with us how he came to believe in the power of relationships in local authorities, and what it means for councils to serve a mission of place making. For all those people who used to laugh at Yes Minister, this episode is a powerful salve, sharing how public servants can be powerful change makers and be a source for generating ordinary hope.

This episode is the first in our 2024 UK special, sponsored by the Civic Power Fund and the UCL Policy Lab. They bring together extraordinary ideas and everyday experience to understand how we can change the world.

To find out more about the amazing work undertaken by the London Borough of Camden, check out this speech by Camden Councillor Georgia, Leader of the Council and Chair of London Councils.

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