ChangeMakers Masterclasses

ChangeMakers Masterclasses

Building power to change the world is a dynamic process. Which means it’s always helpful to discuss your strategies and refine them. 

In these classes you will pick apart what’s going right, and reflect on how you could be more effective.

That’s why we’ve set up the ChangeMakers Masterclasses. They’re small seminars with a maximum of fifty people, presented by the host of ChangeMakers Podcast, Amanda Tattersall. We spend a whole day taking a deep dive into one aspect of change making.

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2019 Season

In the wake of the Federal Election we are holding our MasterClasses on Electoral Power all around the country in August. In Sydney our MasterClass is held in association with the Sydney Policy Lab. In Brisbane it is held with the Queensland Community Alliance. We are also scheduling classes in Melbourne, and beyond.

So check out the schedule below, and book your place. Maximise your impact, with ChangeMakers Masterclasses.

MasterClass 1: Electoral Power

In the wake of a brutal election result, this all day MasterClass brings old and new ways of thinking to challenge change makers into re-imagining how we might recast our capacity to use electoral power in Australia.

Whether you were hoping for a Labor government that could change the rules, or a Labor Party that might Stop Adani – the last election shows us that we need to develop new ways to exercise political power if we want to create a better, fairer, sustainable and more just world.

The MasterClass begins by making space for us together (across a highly diverse array of movements, groups, places) to think about what went wrong and right in the Federal Election.

Then, ChangeMakers host, Amanda Tattersall delivers a presentation that ranges across time and space (scattered with content from the podcast stories) that offers a new way to think about how progressives might approach what we do with our electoral power.

Mini-workshop spaces enable people to try and test out some of the new ideas, with more and more global stories drawn in throughout the day to help flesh out how we could imagine a dramatically new way of looking at electoral power.

The MasterClass bumps heads with personalities from across the electoral spectrum – in the form of fast paced video and audio clips. The space is designed to deeply interrogate what we do well, and what we struggle with in the hope that it can spark new strategies in a safe space for creative and intensive thinking.

By the end, at a minimum, everyone will leave the event provoked by new ideas and perspectives about how we think about elections, the state and political strategy. Some will agree, others will disagree – but the common feature is that you will have had the opportunity to fully engaged in thinking about electoral power – a topic that we sorely need stronger analysis of today.

This is what others have said:

“A no-nonsense insight in the forces pushing and pulling on our democracy and the potential for sustained progressive social change.”

  • Mark Riboldi, Community Legal Centres NSW

“It left me excited and energised but most importantly itching to try things differently and DO.”

  • Marcela Hart, Settlement Services International

“The class provided me with a new framework for thinking about building power for positive change and challenged me to consider what is possible.”

  • Jason Wu, Repower and Stop Adani movement

“Amanda’s expert knowledge and insights into our political system are invaluable for any progressive attempting to influence it. Just excellent.”

  • Sarah Enderby, GetUp

We need new ways of building political power. If not now, when. Sign up to one of our August classes now – we have dates for Sydney (supported by Sydney Policy Lab 8th or 10th), Brisbane (2nd supported by Queensland Community Alliance who bring together diverse civil society organisations to build power for the common good) and dates to be finalised in Melbourne. Get in contact if you would like to work with us to put on a class in another part of Australia, or indeed the world ([email protected])!



About Amanda Tattersall

Dr Amanda Tattersall is an organiser who has trained ChangeMakers for over 20 years. Her book, Power in Coalition, rewrote the rules about how community coalitions can wield power. In 2007, she set up the Sydney Alliance, a broad coalition of unions, community groups, non-profits and religious organisations to change the balance of power in her home city, based on the principles of the Industrial Areas Foundation.

Before that, she co-founded GetUp! – the digital campaign organisation that has changed the face of Australian politics.

While hosting ChangeMakers she is also the Research Lead at Sydney Policy Lab and a postdoctoral fellow studying citizen activism in cities around the world at the University of Sydney.


Individual – full price – $120

Individual – community member – $100

Group ticket – buy 5 – $80

Student/Concession – $60
(Plus ticket service fees. All prices include GST)


The Masterclasses run from 9:30am to 4:30pm, and include lunch.

  • Masterclass Brisbane 1: Electoral Power – BOOK NOW
  • Friday 2 August – Queensland Nurses and Midwifes Union


  • Masterclass Sydney 1: Electoral Power – BOOK NOW
  • Thursday 8th August 2019 – Sydney University