Kim Loo – ChangeMaker Chat – Doctors and climate change

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If climate change affects everything – then what do we do to reimagine how we work, live and care for each other? This episode is with Dr Kim Loo – a leading Australian community climate activist and local Sydney-based General Practitioner, who has connected her role as a community doctor and her passion for the natural world to make sure she is building a healthy community for us all.

Here she talks about how growing up in multicultural South Western Sydney taught her about the power of community but also the impact of pollution on our health. As a doctor she has sought to create care that is not just about patients as individuals, but for healthy communities and healthy societies. She shares her understanding of the role of experts and the role of place in making change, and reminds us of the power of relationships.

Kim talks about her membership of Doctors for the Environment, and you can find out more about them here:

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