John Robertson – ChangeMaker Chat

John Robertson

How do politicians really make change? Although most political leaders say they are powerful and can make a difference – what are the real pressures and backroom deals that make that hard? This week we hear from a senior leader of the Australia Labor Party who “spills the beans” on how some of this works.

John Robertson was a Labor Party Minister and the Leader of the Opposition in NSW for 4 years, as well as being a highly successful leader of the union movement. In this chat he sheds some light on what really happens in politics.

We discuss the Your Right at Work campaign and how it helped change the Australian Labor Party as well as the Liberal Party. We go through, in some detail, what shapes political power – from the party to the public service and everything in between.

Then we explore how to make change outside the party, and Robertson offers some advice to the Stop Adani movement – suggesting the kinds of strategies that might be useful for engaging the Labor Party.

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