Craig Reucassel Change Maker Chat

Have you been enjoying Fight for Planet A: Our Climate Challenge – the show all about climate change? Then come and hear our ChangeMaker Chat with host Craig Reucassel where we go behind the scenes to find out about his story, and explore what he is trying to achieve in doing the show.

Many change makers bemone the media for ignoring or underplaying real issues like climate change. But what happens when someone in the media decides to use their role to talk about these issues?

In Australia, Craig Reucassel is best known for his time as a political satirist and comedian with the Chaser. But following his series called the War on Waste he has now decided to take on the fossil fuel giants with his TV documentary – Fight for Planet A: Our Climate Challenge.

So why did a comedy guy decide to get serious? Or, perhaps more accurately, how has a lifetime of political satire prepared him to talk about climate change with a diverse audience.

In this chat we went all the way back to how he came to be in Australia so we could all try and better understand his story. And, on this, full disclosure. I have been friends with Craig since we were at university – which was about 20 years ago! Indeed, as Craig mentions during the chat – my husband Charles has been part of the Chaser team with Craig.

But that aside, in this Chat I learnt new things about Craig – exploring his creative approach to the role of the media. I was also struck that several of Craig’s media strategies have real resonance beyond the press, and might prove very useful for those in climate groups and justice movements trying to make change too.

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