Information for MasterClass attendees

Information for MasterClass attendees

We would like all participants to do some “listening” (as opposed to “reading”) to prepare for the MasterClass.

We have made a special Podcast just for the Electoral Power MasterClass.

It is a story told by Amanda Tattersall, the Host and MasterClass teacher, about how she became interested in different forms of Electoral Power. We know stories are the best way to get into a topic, and story has a few twists and turns that document some quite different experiences. We hope it encourages you to reflect on your own journey around this topic. You can listen to it here as an embedded link, or on the Sound Cloud app by searching for the, ChangeMakers Podcast feed.

Optional extra listening

While you don’t *need* to do any other preparation, you might benefit from a little of extra ChangeMakers podcast review! Several episodes of ChangeMakers cover the question of electoral politics and we will draw on them. In order of importance you might listen to:

– Ep 1, Series 1 – about Barcelona
– Ep 4, Series 2 – about Cape Town
– Ep 2, Series 1 – about Gasfield Free Northern Rivers
– Ep 3, Series 2 – about Indivisible
– Ep 9, Series 1 – about GetUp
We are going to flesh out lots of new case studies in the actual training, but these are useful (especially the Barcelona story).