Register for Changemakers Organising School – 2021

This year we will run 3 seasons of Organising School, each with a different theme. Season 1, focused on working in powerful and effective local groups, began on April 29 – register here. (Don’t worry if you missed the start of the season – you can catch up here. You can also watch our stand-alone seasons from 2020 here).

More information about our weekly training offering is below.

2021 Season 1: Working in powerful & effective local groups

Starting April 29, every Thursday at 6 pm to 7:30pm AEST we are running a free training on how to make change, with a focus on Community Organising in local action groups. This training is especially designed for volunteers and members of movements and organisations interested in progressive change.

Our training is designed to be a space for connecting with changemakers across different causes, building skills and relationships to better equip you to win on your local campaign. This season, we’ll unpack:

  • The history of local groups in social movements and why this is a powerful way to win real change
  • The core and commonly overlooked skills of running an effective group – how to have good meetings, great processes, recruit others to your group, and deliver powerful campaigns
  • How to make sure your group is sustainable, healthy and strong in the long term – and fun!
  • How to work in coalition with others
  • Relational skills including leadership, coaching, respecting difference, and working through difficult moments

Read more about the content planned for this season and register now!
It’s worth registering even if you might miss a session or two because we send a comprehensive follow-up email after each week to everyone who has registered, with the recording and extra resources – just in case you miss a week – and it’s all free!

We’re community organisers from across a variety of movements, places and ages, and while we love all kinds of change making, our focus is on building relationships and people power. We value leadership development and, through the training, we seek to explore and understand concepts like power, action, organisations, narrative, relationships and action as the bedrock for building a democratic public life.

And we love having people from all walks of life and different social movements on this course. This training is a great way to connect with people who are different from you and learn more about how we can all work together.

If you’d like to read more about us and the purpose of our training – click here!

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